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Tennis Squads

YOUTH SQUAD: 16 – 19yrs (Yellow Ball Stage)

The Youth Squad program is to further develop & work on Advanced Technical Stroke Production and fundamental tactical development so that they players are ready for tournaments and other competitions. The session is designed to help them understand the game of tennis and also so that they are able to utilise these skills in tournaments and competitions. The lesson duration is 60 /90 minutes it is recommended once or twice a week minimum.

INTERMEDIATE SQUAD: 12 - 18yrs (Yellow Ball Stage)

The Intermediate Squad is for those players who have the desire to get more serious with their tennis. The program develops advanced technical stroke production and biomechanics and fundamental tactical development. The squad is designed to get players thinking about the tactics involved in tennis whilst learning and incorporating new types of shots. The lesson duration is 120 minutes (2 hours) it is recommended once or twice a week minimum and for players who wish to go further they then progress to the Advanced Squad.

ADVANCED SQUAD: 13 - 25yrs

The Advanced Squad is the next progression from the Intermediate Squad, it continues and develops a more detailed technical knowledge, biomechanical movement patterns and advanced tactical development of the game of tennis. The session duration is 120 minutes (2 hours) it is recommended once or twice a week minimum.


These squads are for adults who want to learn how to play tennis for the first time, to improve their game to be able to play competitions or to progress there game to the next level. The programs main objectives are based on stroke production and tactical development for all players. We can organise squads or you can have your own group of friends, which ever you prefer. The session duration can vary from 60 – 120 minutes.

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