Our Mantra

At Tiebreak Tennis we are all about belief.  The belief that we have in you as a student and the belief you will learn to have in yourself.

Tiebreak Tennis Academy, under the direction of Coach and Owner Jarred Kelly, has been in operation in the centre of Coffs Harbour since 2009.   In that time Jarred has come to believe and instil both in his students and his coaches that everyone can achieve great things in life and at Tiebreak Tennis Academy we help our students achieve great things by providing superior tennis coaching.

There are a variety of classes available,  in large and small groups of varying ages and levels, which run throughout school term.  We are also able to provide one on one coaching sessions or coaching in small groups of no more than 3.  There are a variety of competitions and squads running throughout the week.  And of course in between all this activity the courts are available for a small cost per person - you may have noticed the courts are rarely empty when you drive by.

We foster an environment for kids and adults alike of fun, challenge, encouragement, achievement but most of all belief in oneself.

Our Coaches